Is A Soap Dispenser Same As A Hand Sanitizer Dispenser


Yes and no. While they both dispense sanitary products, some automatic dispensers can hold and dispense alcohol-based consumables without damage to any parts while others cannot. This solely depends on the product manufacturer. If the intent is to purchase dispenser that is universal, it is strongly recommended to research the product prior to purchase to ensure that it can fill that role without damage to the unit.

There are models of soap dispenser that are made to house both liquid soap and alcohol based consumables, without the need to change any parts. So, the dispenser you have may already be equipped to deal with both. Some can only take liquid soap because the insides and valves are only suitable for this, as alcohol may damage the materials of certain dispensers. There are also ones that only take foaming soap.

However, some models of soap dispenser have different inner tanks but the same outer casing, meaning you can interchange the tanks and valves to suit various soaps. So, you have to be careful to make sure you have the right materials and valve in the unit so that it firstly will dispense the right soap/gel, but also won’t damage the unit in the long run.

Post time: Apr-20-2022