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Mushroom Rain Cloud Humidifier White Noise Machine With Bluetooth Speaker

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Rain Cloud Humidifier With Bluetooth SpeakerMoon Light Rain Cloud Humidifier With Bluetooth SpeakerRain Cloud Humidifier With Bluetooth SpeakerMushrrom Rain Cloud Humidifier With Bluetooth SpeakerWhite Noise Rain Cloud Humidifier With Bluetooth Speaker

The Cool Mist Essential Oil Diffuser uses ultrasonic technology to create a soft environment by adding essential oil. Use it to improve the air quality of your hotel meeting room,bedroom, SAP room, office, restaurant and ect. It masks the smell of pets, and protect your personal space from the effects of excessively dry seasons!The Rain Cloud Humidifier is a unique humidifier that mimics the soothing sound of rain drops falling. It adds moisture to the air and helps alleviate dry skin and other symptoms caused by dry air. It’s unique design and sound characteristics make it a perfect complement to any room, providing both functionality and relaxation. The gentle click of simulated raindrops creates a calm atmosphere that is ideal for use in bedrooms, nurseries, or meditation rooms. It help you to get into meditation faster and sleeping deeply.
7 Colors led night lights can be recycled in 7 different colors and used when the lights are turned off. Night lights create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere that is conducive to sleep.

  • Item No.:: CH08S
  • Humidifier Size:: 268*166*166mm
  • Humidifier Size:: 450ML
  • Material:: ABS+PP plastic
  • Color:: White/Bamboo/ Customize Color
  • Power Supply:: Type-C electric
  • Power:: 5V 2A
  • Light:: 7 colors LED night light
  • Rain sounds:: white noise 30~45dB
  • Essential Oil Diffuser:: Yes
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